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Life Sciences
Material Sciences
Whole Body Sections (up to 200 x 300 x 70 mm)  
Undersea Cable Section
whole body section of a mouse from a paraffinblock, multi acquisiction picture from a microscope slide scan  
Cross section of an underwater sea cable with a diameter of 80 mm
Brain Section  
Metal or Synthetic Material Section
Brain section from a paraffin block for a later 3D stacking of microscope pictures for an organ reconstruction  
Cross section through a two component material. Here two metals are merged together to form one piece. Coating thickness seems to vary in the production process as the measurements differ so it evidences insufficient quality tolerances
Eye Bulb Section  
Tube Section
Eye Bulb section from a methyl-methacrylate embedded block, microscope picture from a slidescan of multiple acquisition positions  
Cross section through a tube which contains a metallic body and a plastic coating. The bonding quality of the synthetic coating is of interest
Vertebrae Section  
Automotive Section
Section through a complete vertebrae bone with muscles, stained Masson Goldner from a methyl-methacrylate embedding, microscopic slidescan from multiple pictures  
Corrosion analytics and weld seam testing on an automotive component with multiple pressed layers
Thigh Bone Section  
Coating Layers
Complete in paraffin embedded femur, thigh bone, sectioned and stained Alcian Blue for a slidescan of multiple microscope pictures  
Coating layer measurements from a component put into MMA for sectioning. Microscopic picture from quality control process to validate production requirements
Tooth Section  
Whole longitudinally tooth section in a Goldner Anilinblue stain for a microscopic slidescan of the whole section  
Oversectioned aersospace metal component to control the greain size distribution in the grid network
Wood Section  
Native section of an adult grapevine wood with a declinated section angle of 45°  
Cross section from a toothwheel made from polymethylene
Implants Section  
Glass Fibre

Shinbone (tibia lat.) section with implants in it in a Goldner stain for a scan of the whole section area under the microscope - of course the implants moved out of the block within the section, but the 4µm section was perfect


Cross section from a polyamide material with a high amount of glass fibres


Bones Section  
Carbon Fibre
Bone Section from a methyl-methacrylate block in a Movat Pentachrome stain  
Cross section from a polyphenylensulphide material with a high amount of carbon fibres
Humane Prostata Gland  

Power Cable

Oversectioing of a 7cm in diameter copper/plastic cable with V-inserts for clamping  for further surface inspection
Cross section of a whole human prostata gland - that saves time and money especially in routine diagnostics  
Human Liver Section  
Power Cable
Whole organ section from a paraffin block for cancer research, stained HBVsAG  

Cross section of the above cable with 250µm while the copper gets loose from the composite, but you can investigate the pigments distribution in the now translucent cable


Human Mamma Section    
Whole organ section from a paraffin block for cancer research, stained HER2    
Human Kidney Section    
Whole organ section from a paraffin block for cancer research, stained Vimentin    
Iliac Crest Section    
Section from an Iliac Crest from a paraffin block, stained CD79a    
Human Kidney Section    
Whole organ section from a paraffin block, stained Tri-PAS    


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