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We Are Gigatome - We Are The Microtome!

You are looking for a microtome for Life Sciences or Material Sciences applications?

You want to cut bigger specimen than usual? We can do up to 200 x 250 x 70 mm!!!

(Paraffin blocks, Methylmethacrylate Embeddings, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Bones, Implants, Cables, all kinds of Material,...)?

Things that bring standard microtomes to their limits and even make them quit after a short lifetime?

You have found your solution!

After building for eight years the Gigatome Phantom One, we release now our new Polycut-Legacy microtome a smaller and more compact table instrument but with the same capabilities.

You already have a microtome? We offer in addition all kind of microtome knives and a resharpening service. More information under products or ask us!

High-End "Made In Germany!"