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We Are Gigatome - We Are The Microtome!

You are looking for a microtome for Life Sciences or Material Sciences applications?

You want to cut bigger specimen than usual? We can do up to 200 x 250 x 70 mm!!!

(Paraffin blocks, Methylmethacrylate Embeddings, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Bones, Implants, Cables, all kinds of Material,...)?

Things that bring standard microtomes to their limits and even make them quit after a short lifetime?

You have found your solution!

After building for five years the Gigatome Phantom One, the biggest, heaviest and most stable microtome on earth for all these applications we release this Summer our new Polycut-Legacy microtome as smaller and more compact table instrument but with the same capabilities.

You already have a microtome? We offer in addition all kind of microtome knives and a resharpening service. More information under products or ask us!

High-End "Made In Germany!"